WP’s ‘attempts to politicise’ COP report ‘regrettable’; findings ‘based on objective evidence’: Tan Chuan-Jin

Based on the COP's findings, Mr Tan said that Parliament has the power to take action against Mr Singh and Mr Faisal.

“Based on evidence given by the Workers’ Party leaders, including notes voluntarily produced by Ms Sylvia Lim, the COP was satisfied that Mr Singh had lied under oath. And that he had guided Ms Raeesah Khan to continue with her untruths,” he said.

“Mr Faisal had directly and repeatedly refused to answer the COP’s questions, despite being warned that this might amount to an offence and constitute contempt of Parliament.

“Based on these findings, Parliament has the power to proceed to impose sanctions on Mr Singh and Mr Faisal. However, rather than sanctions being imposed by Parliament, the COP recommended that Parliament consider referring the matter to the public prosecutor.”

In doing so, Mr Singh and Mr Faisal would have “the best chance to vindicate themselves, if they are indeed innocent”, Mr Tan added.

“The public prosecutor will have to consider the matter again; and if charges are brought, Mr Singh and Mr Faisal will have the full opportunity to defend themselves in a Court of Law,” he said.

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The legal process regarding the matter is part of “how democracy should work”, said the Speaker.

“A strong democratic system requires that those who are elected respect the institutions of democracy, especially Parliament, and uphold our laws – including the laws against perjury and prevarication,” he said.

“It will be a perversion of democracy, for an MP to lie, on oath, and then say that such lies should not be dealt with, or that he is above the law because of who he is.”

The WP had said that Mr Singh and Mr Faisal will cooperate with the public prosecutor and defend themselves in court if charges are brought.

“In this matter of Mr Singh’s and Mr Faisal’s conduct before the COP, if there are any charges, the courts will decide,” Mr Tan said in conclusion.

“And regardless of what the COP has found, the Courts will have the final say. That is what the COP has recommended.”

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