Mahathir’s comment on use of chopsticks by Chinese Malaysians ‘simplistic and offensive’: Lim Guan Eng


According to Malaysiakini, Dr Mahathir said communities in Malaysia still identify with their countries of origin, despite generations of being born and raised in Malaysia.

It had resulted in separation among the people, he said.

"Because of this identity with race on the ground among the people, you cannot have a multiracial party that is trusted by everyone,” he added.

He also said that Indonesia was able to assimilate its Chinese citizens because the race’s population was relatively small, while non-Malays in Malaysia made up a substantial proportion of the population.

"They (Chinese in Malaysia) preserve their own community, their own customs, their own ways,” Dr Mahathir was quoted as saying.

In his rebuke of Dr Mahathir’s views, Mr Lim said that using chopsticks does not make anyone less Malaysian.

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“Does a Malay using chopsticks or fork and spoon to eat lose his Malayness? In fact, many non-Chinese Malaysians and Westerners are proud of their ability to use both chopsticks as well as fork and spoon without any loss of their national identity,” he said.

“Malaysians of Chinese descent born here are proud of our loyalty to Malaysia and have no wish to return to a China growing with wealth and prosperity, even if given an opportunity to do so,” he added.

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