Jackie Chan and Louis Koo help Hong Kong in fight against Covid-19

HONG KONG – Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan may be in mainland China right now, but his heart still remains with Hong Kong, which is battling a fifth wave of Covid-19 cases.

In photos posted by a fan account on Tuesday (March 1), the 67-year-old actor was seen helping to move cartons of medical supplies to be sent to Hong Kong.

The caption read: "Jackie Chan was at SkyPro in Xiamen to personally move the medical supplies donated to Hong Kong." SkyPro is a medical supplies company.

The post was hashtagged #JiaYouHongKong, with "jiayou" meaning "keep going" in Chinese.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong actor Louis Koo's charity foundation also donated a third batch of 5,000 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) kits.

The foundation made two previous donations totalling 8,000 ART kits to charity and welfare organisations.

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Hong Kong singer-actor Alex Fong also wrote on social media on Tuesday that he is donating 5,000 ART kits to the needy under the name of the non-governmental organisation he co-founded.

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