How to score merit rank in Science Olympiad? 7 top notch tips!

New Delhi [India], May 22 (ANI/Oswaal Books): Olympiads are competitive examinations that are conducted across the world with the sole purpose of enhancing academic skills among the students. Now, for those who are not familiar with the term or the concept of an Olympiad, it is much like any other competitive examination that is carried out in a school level. It can either be a national Olympiad where the students are competing against their peers on a national scale or it can be an international Olympiad which is considered to be the big league of the Olympiads.
The reason Olympiads are conducted is to enhance and sharpen skills like logical reasoning, problem-solving and analytical thinking among students so that they are better prepared to deal with problems in real-time in the adversities of the real world. That is why, most schools recommend that the students partake in the Olympiad examinations to understand their standing and to work harder to better their academic performance.
It can be a little threatening to compete with so many students and more often than not, students find solace in not competing because they are unable to overcome their fear of disappointment. However, in this article, we have listen 7 really effective tips that can help you secure a commendable rank in your Olympiad regardless of the scale on which it is carried out.
7 Tips that can help you secure a meritorious rank in Science Olympiad:
The Science Olympiad that is conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation is the most popular Olympiad in the world and observes thousands and thousands of participants each year trying to secure a meritorious rank. Therefore, the competition is a little tough and the stakes are quite high. Here are 7 tips to help you along and to fetch you better marks and top-tier rank:
1. Pick your examination – The first thing you want to do is choose which Olympiad you want to prepare yourself and appear for. A total of 6 Olympiads are conducted in each academic year so you have 6 options to choose from. Know your forte, your strengths and play to them. Make sure you pick the one that you are most confident about. Not just that, ensure that the one you are picking allows you sufficient preparation time so as to be able to ace it. Now if you are sure of yourself and your ability to perform exceptionally well in all of them, then appearing for all 6 Olympiads would be a great idea. This way, you have a chance to rank in the special category of the Academic Excellence Award. To sum it up, you should aim at appearing for all 6 Olympiads but if you are not confident enough, then choose the one you feel most strongly about.
2. Know the syllabus – Granted that this is the most fundamental and elementary thing to do but you would surprised as to how many students just decide to wing it. Knowing your syllabus doesn't mean a rough overview of the syllabus. It means knowing your syllabus well enough to know what questions and topics are from which chapter and which topics are more important than the rest. Knowing your syllabus gives you the authority to decide which topics you want to emphasize on and how much because you are aware of the syllabus and know which topics contain vital information that has a chance to appear in the Olympiad question paper.
3. Solved Papers – The secret to success when it comes to Olympiad examinations, lies in smart studying and tenacious studying, combined and there are no two ways about it. Oswaal Books' One for All Olympiad Previous Years' Solved Papers provides the students with comprehensive and detailed solutions to each of the questions. By solving these papers and reading these solutions, the students get a fairly good idea of what is expected of them when answering the questions. Furthermore, these solutions have hidden gems, i.e. additional information that most textbooks do not offer. By going through these solved papers, one increases their chances of securing top ranks exponentially. Another great advantage of having Oswaal Books' Olympiad Solved Papers is that it serves as a great revision tool because you already have the solutions to the most complicated questions.

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4. Timetable – It cannot be stressed enough – it is absolutely quintessential to your success in Olympiad. You cannot do away with not having a stringent timetable if you want to succeed in the Olympiad. The competition is cut-throat and to emerge with a top-tier rank, you will need to work harder and smarter than most others. This is possible only if and when you come up with a timetable that allows you to maximize effort and output by dividing the day up into different halves, each allowing you to attend to a different fact of your preparation, so as to propel your academic standing, overall.
5. Take proper rest – Do not lose sleep over your Olympiads. Your brain needs to be working at optimum levels when you are studying so as to be able to process and retain all the information that you are reading and absorbing. That is why, you cannot afford to lose out on sleep and have your brain tired and worn out. Sleep well for at least 7 to 8 hours and take naps often to keep your body and mind fresh at all times.
6. Aim for conceptual clarity – Olympiad is all about testing your conceptual clarity and your analytical and critical thinking skills. That is something that you need to get used to so when you are studying, encourage yourself to think critically and outside the box. This will help you in more ways than one.
7. Revise – Make sure you allot a time of the day to revision, each day. This will help keep the covered topics fresh in your mind and allow you to retain more information and hone your recollection skills, which is crucial to acing Olympiad examinations.
These are the 7 most crucial tips that you can work with to ensure that you perform at your personal best and come off with flying colours.
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