Hot Bods: I watch what I eat but can’t say no when my mum cooks good food

SINGAPORE – Meet this week's hot bods – Mr Asyraaf Jelany, 25, entrepreneur and football coach and fitness trainer Abygael Koh, 20.

Asyraaf Jelany, 25

Entrepreneur and football coach

Height: 1.71m

Weight: 72kg

Exercise regimen: I am an avid gymgoer. I do strength training three to four times a week.

I also find time to do my cardio exercises during football football coaching sessions.

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Diet: Most days, I am careful with what I eat and make sure I do not don't overload. But some days, when my mum cooks good food such as mee soto, I cannot say no.

Abygael Koh, 20

Fitness trainer

Height: 1.64m

Weight: 61kg

Exercise regimen: I go to the gym about five to six times a week to do strength training and HIIT high-intensity interval training.

On my rest days, I do light stretches and mobility exercises. I spend most of my time in the gym as I am also a personal trainer.

Diet: I do not don't have a strict diet. It is all about balance and eyeballing my food.

I will always try to search for healthier options and cut down on sugar and salt whenever I can.

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