Warm, humid weather to continue; more wet days expected in first half of June: Met Service

Localised short-duration thundery showers are also forecast over parts of the island in the late morning and afternoon on some days in the coming fortnight due to strong daytime heating of land areas, said the Met Service.

On a few days, widespread thundery showers with gusty winds due to Sumatra squalls may occur between the pre-dawn hours and morning, it added.

“In addition, on a few days in the coming fortnight, a mass of dry air from the Indian Ocean is forecast to move over the equatorial Southeast Asia region bringing fair and warm weather over Singapore and the surrounding areas,” said the Met Service.

The rainfall for the first half of June is expected to be near-average over most parts of Singapore.

Reviewing the month of May, the Met Service said the second half of the month was mostly fair and warm, due to the presence of dry air over Singapore and the surrounding equatorial Southeast Asia region, and the influence of the dry phase of the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO).

Light and variable winds over Singapore and the surrounding region strengthened to blow from the southeast or southwest in the last two weeks.

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The shift in the winds in late May signalled the start of the Southwest monsoon season, it added.

The Changi climate station recorded the highest daily maximum temperature of 35.4 degrees Celsius on May 29. This ties with the highest daily maximum temperature ever recorded at the climate station in May 2005, said the Met Service.

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