Thailand develops antibody nasal spray as latest shield against COVID-19


On Thursday (Jun 23), the Thai government lifted its mask mandate with immediate effect as the COVID-19 situation in the country improved.

"The wearing of hygienic or cloth masks shall be voluntary," read the announcement published in the Royal Gazette.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Public Health still advised people to wear masks at crowded places, where social distancing is not possible or the ventilation is not good.

As the country relaxed its COVID-19 measures, the anti-viral nasal spray could play a key role in keeping the virus at bay.

Preliminary lab tests showed the spray reacted well to various COVID-19 variants, including Delta and Omicron, but its effectiveness can only be officially concluded after the clinical trials.

According to Dr Sirisabya, the developing partners share a similar objective to make the nasal spray affordable and accessible to people in Thailand, especially the vulnerable groups.

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Still, he maintained that all the COVID-19 prevention measures are equally important and that the anti-viral nasal spray is only “an additional prevention measure" that would help people in Thailand stay safe.

“Based on the data we have, such nasal spray is not yet available in Asia. Definitely, we believe we’ll be ready in terms of the production capacity,” Dr Sirisabya said, adding that the product will initially be produced for domestic consumption but developers are aware of the opportunity in the global market.

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