Meaningful holiday gifting with love, glitter and a dash of wanderlust

There’s something special about a gift of precious jewellery – a quality that goes far beyond its monetary value and physical beauty. Jewellery is often seen as the ultimate expression of love in all its forms, be it in the context of romance, kinship or even friendship. No surprise there, because it carries deep sentiment and is also a wearable symbol of the connection that is shared between both the gifting and receiving parties.

For this year, love is the force that drives the house of Harry Winston. It’s the unifying thread in all its dazzling collections and an everlasting source of inspiration for its artisans and designers too. For those searching for the most meaningful way to express their heartfelt love for someone dear this holiday season, a Harry Winston gift is certain to please, while ensuring that the sentiment is fully received.

Here are some of the most extraordinary collections from the US jeweller, inspired by the love it finds all over the globe. In the spirit of wanderlust, they are reminiscent of some of the world’s most well-loved cities and their unique cultures and sights.


Colourful combinations of gems around a statement centrepiece stone define the style of the Winston Kaleidoscope pendant as well as the iconic St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. PHOTO AND ILLUSTRATION: HARRY WINSTON

Mention the capital city of Russia, and the image of the colourful St Basil’s Cathedral is likely to spring to mind. Its multicoloured, swirled domes are a fantastical, almost whimsical, sight, not unlike the brightly-hued designs from both the Winston Kaleidoscope and Winston Candy jewellery collections.

The former is inspired by the mesmerising patterns seen through the lens of a kaleidoscope with Harry Winston recreating them using the most splendid combinations of jewels in myriad shades. On these exquisite pendant necklaces, you’ll find a dazzling array of gemstones, ranging from red rubellites, green tsavorites and purple sapphires to aquamarine and tanzanite.

This Winston Candy cocktail ring features a reddish pink spinel complemented by tsavorite garnets, purple sapphires, Paraiba tourmaline and diamonds. PHOTO: HARRY WINSTON

For those who can’t resist a statement ring, the Winston Candy collection is a sweet treat indeed. These colourful cocktail rings are showstoppers, inspired by archival designs from the 50s and 60s, and feature bold colour combinations that exude pure joy and delight.

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New York

The architecture of the Big Apple as well as its flagship salon in the city has inspired the New York collection that comprises pieces such as this showstopping Cathedral necklace. PHOTO AND ILLUSTRATION: HARRY WINSTON

No other city in the world is quite like New York. Its energy and unique culture have inspired many artistic creations, not least the beautiful New York Collection by Harry Winston that celebrates the best elements about the city.

New York City's landmarks have inspired Harry Winston's jewellery creations including this Central Park Mosaic ring. PHOTO: HARRY WINSTON

New York is, of course, where the jeweller calls home. This adds special significance to this exquisite collection, and the city is also where its creative team takes inspiration from for the pieces. Elements and shapes seen in the collection are drawn from best-known landmarks, including Central Park, Fifth Avenue, St Patrick’s Cathedral and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as Harry Winston's iconic New York flagship salon.

One of Harry Winston's most iconic watch collections, the Avenue range now boasts a new member, the Avenue C Mini Small Second that features a small second function as well as a sophisticated design with sensual curves and brilliant diamonds. PHOTO: HARRY WINSTON

Using a variety of geometric shapes and angular forms, these elegant pieces, showcasing beautiful gemstones set in precious metals, thoroughly echo the magic and spirit of the city that truly doesn’t sleep. The same design philosophy applies to its iconic timepieces, combining watchmaking expertise with alluring aesthetics.


The sparkles and glitter of London’s festive lights are similar to what you can find on the diamond-studded Harry Winston watches such as Midnight Winston with Love Limited Edition. PHOTO AND ILLUSTRATION: HARRY WINSTON

Christmas in London is always a magical experience, brightened by the beautiful festive lights in places such as Covent Garden, Piccadilly and Regent Street that transform the city into a sparkling winter wonderland.

The sporty yet elegant Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 36mm features a classy mother-of-pearl dial with round brilliant diamonds set on it as well as on the bezel and lugs. PHOTO: HARRY WINSTON

These sights are reminiscent of the magnificent jewellery watches by Harry Winston, which dazzle in an even more stunning fashion with their diamond-encrusted dials and bezels. They make for the ultimate gift for that precious someone who can also appreciate fine watchmaking on top of high-grade jewels.


The colour red, widely recognised as a symbol of love and passion, takes on a prominent role in many architectural icons like the Forbidden City in Beijing as well as on jewellery such as the Winston with Love Endless Love necklace by Harry Winston. PHOTO AND ILLUSTRATION: HARRY WINSTON

As the capital city of China, Beijing is also the centre of traditional Chinese culture. Among the many cultural sites worth visiting there is, of course, the Forbidden City, an iconic sight that is instantly identifiable by its grand and imposing walls that are covered in vivid crimson. The colour red is beloved by many, especially Asians, since it is associated with happiness, along with everything that is auspicious and positive. Red is also globally recognised as the colour of passion and love.

That is why for the love of your life, look no further than a Winston With Love Endless Love necklace as the perfect gift. With its intertwining design of rubies and diamonds, it is adapted from an archived Harry Winston design and is an excellent representation of the paths and lives of two individuals crisscrossing and merging as one.


Lovebirds can cap the year with good news in the City of Lights: Say “I do” with Harry Winston's The One Double Halo micropavé diamond engagement ring. PHOTO AND ILLUSTRATION: HARRY WINSTON

Where else in the world, besides the city of romance, is more fitting for a romantic proposal to seal a promise of commitment and love? An engagement ring, of course, is a key requirement in such a situation, and there’s no other choice that’s quite as breathtaking as these Harry Winston diamond stunners.

Win her heart with a piece like The One Double Halo engagement ring, which features a spectacular central stone with a micropavé diamond “halo”, with a 3.20-carat brilliant-cut diamond.

While the HW Logo diamond engagement rings may look classic and minimalist, flip to its sides to reveal two diamond-pavé letters, “H” and “W”, short for the initials of the house as well as “husband” and “wife”. PHOTO: HARRY WINSTON

For a minimalist statement? The HW Logo diamond engagement ring is a classy choice. It features a hidden secret: On the sides of the setting are two diamond-pavé letters, “H” and “W”, representing the initials of the house of Winston, as well as the meaning “husband” and “wife”.

Couple watches like this pair from the Harry Winston Emerald collection are yet another means of committing to a love that lasts a lifetime. PHOTO: HARRY WINSTON

For those who would prefer to wear their love around the wrist, a complementary set of his-and-hers timepieces from the Harry Winston Emerald collection could also be a unique way to express their commitment to each other.

Journey with the house of Harry Winston across a brilliant world where #LoveIsAllAround. Schedule an appointment with Harry Winston at 6883 9509 to fall in love with extraordinary gifts.

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