Hong Kong’s ‘Grandma Wong’ jailed for 2019 protests

Wong disappeared half way through the 2019 protests.

She later re-emerged saying she was intercepted during a trip back to Shenzhen, a city in China next to Hong Kong.

She alleged that she was kept in detention facilities in China, taken on a "patriotic trip" and was kept in de facto house arrest until she was later allowed to return to Hong Kong.

In April, Wong was convicted of obstructing a police officer in a separate case and sentenced to six days in jail with an 18-month suspension.

In July last year, she was sentenced to one month in prison after she was found guilty of assaulting a security guard at the High Court lobby in January 2019.

Her jailing came a day after a Hong Kong court gave veteran activist and terminal cancer patient Koo Sze-yiu nine months in prison.

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Koo was convicted of "attempted sedition" over a planned protest against Beijing's Winter Olympics that was foiled by a pre-emptive arrest.

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