Commuters to undergo screening at Serangoon MRT during emergency preparedness exercise

SINGAPORE: Commuters taking the North East Line and Circle Line to and from Serangoon MRT station will have to go through security screening on Tuesday (Dec 7).

It is part of an emergency preparedness exercise conducted by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), SBS Transit and SMRT Trains.

The exercise, dubbed Exercise Station Guard, will take place from 10am to 4pm, said LTA and the transport operators in a joint news release on Wednesday.

"Commuters should factor in additional time for the security screening during this period. Commuters with bulky items may require more time to clear security checks," they added.

Some commuters may also be asked to go through metal detector checks and have their belongings scanned by X-ray machines.

In line with safe management measures, commuters were reminded to keep their masks on and refrain from talking.

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During the exercise, commuters entering the station nearer to the North East Line platform will be directed towards the fare gates near Exits A and D. Those entering nearer to the Circle Line will proceed to the fare gates near Exits E and G.

Exercise Station Guard has been conducted regularly since February 2018 as part of efforts to strengthen the security response at Singapore's public transport network and familiarise the public with what to do during an emergency.

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