Commentary: Extremely unlikely that Ukraine was behind alleged drone strike on the Kremlin


As an alternative, it’s believable that this can be a faked Russian assault. Most clearly, it might present some justification for Russia’s conflict in Ukraine. That conflict has gone poorly. Russia can stop a strategic defeat by persevering with to combat, however victory is now not in attain. Ukraine will survive as a sovereign, Western-leaning state, even when it loses some territory.

It’s not clear, nonetheless, that Putin grasps this. He retains preventing an unpopular, unwinnable conflict.

So a “terrorist assault” aimed on the Kremlin serves to spice up Russian public opinion of the Ukraine invasion. Certainly, Russia’s former president and prime minister Dmitri Medvedev stated that the assault left Moscow with no different possibility “than the bodily elimination of Zelenskyy and his clique”. In different phrases, the conflict should proceed.

Putin has been suspected of false flag assaults earlier than. In 1999, a sequence of ostensibly Chechen terrorist bombings in Russia rallied Russian public opinion behind Putin, who had simply change into prime minister.

These assaults led to a different army operation in Chechnya, which in flip bolstered Putin’s contentious ascension to the presidency in 2000. For many years, questions have lingered over the bombings, with widespread perception that Russian safety companies had been accountable, working to fortify the place of their new chief.


On the Ukrainian facet, there are causes to imagine that this was not an assassination try by Kyiv. First, assassinations are frowned upon within the West. In truth, they’re unlawful in america.

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