‘Almost everything we own is gone’: Malaysia flood victims rue damage to property, valuables

“I took only things I absolutely needed and left. It was too dangerous to stay put,” Muhammad Riduan told CNA.

“The rest – TV, washing machine, fridge – all of it was swept away. It's all gone, finished,” he added.

Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced on Twitter on Sunday afternoon that an initial fund of RM100 (US$23.71) million has been set aside to repair houses and infrastructure damaged in the floods.

He said that RM50 million will be channelled to the National Disaster Relief Fund for disbursement; with each flood-hit household to receive RM1,000.

He also reassured residents that evacuation centres will have sufficient basic amenities such as face masks and food for those who are sheltering there.

Among those who were transported to an evacuation centre was Khamsani Yusof, whose rural hometown in Kampung Bukit Lanchong, Selangor, was among the worst-hit areas.

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Rows of houses were partially submerged in muddy waters. Only the roof of cars could be seen as debris such as clothes, shoes and household items floated around.

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