A revelation on the operating table led this former teacher to start a successful executive coaching business


As a coach and a business owner, Yeo’s life continues to be emotionally and mentally taxing, although a lot of it comes from her own expectations, she said.

Physically, she is much freer than when she was a teacher.

In a recent post on her LinkedIn page, Yeo spoke about preferring to take the train or the bus to her destinations. This allows room for walking – a meditative experience for her.

It is a luxury not many enjoy, especially a teacher with fixed timetables and little personal time.

The mother of three said coaching has also renewed her sense of purpose and given her the freedom to chart her own path.

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Coaching as a profession isn’t definitive, Yeo told CNA Women.

“An advisor, a mentor, a trainer, a coach, a teacher and a consultant – these are all very similar. After talking to many people over time, I realised there is no one fixed definition (for a coach),” she said.

But there lies a fundamental belief among professional coaches.

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